After the Christmas break, we were back to the grind again!

We started the week by showering gifts on our six women farmers who have been working tirelessly to develop the farm to ensure regular vegetable supplies, and managing their household chores manually.  They were thrilled – smiling, laughing and joking – as they unwrapped their presents.


There were a lot to do at the farm.  The nursery was spruced up – colonies of ants were cleared out, and the top shade netting removed to allow more light in.  The photographs captured the flurry of activities at the farm:

  • MULCHING using plastic sheets as temporary bed covers for plants until the OA could catch up with making natural mulch.  Mulching is necessary to reduce manual weeding.img-20161228-wa0028
  • LAYING ECO-TAPES for irrigation to create a system of watering plants
  • SEEDING sweet corns and brinjals directly onto the plots and  in the nursery.  Snow peas, pumpkin and bitter gourd were seeded last week.img_20161228_151012
  • PREPARING COCO-PEAT for seeding  and placing seeds into planting trays (getting some help from the children too!)

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