It was a week of high notes!

  • Most plants, finally being seeded, were transplanted as scheduled.
  • The two greenhouses were installed with   netting, drainage and doors.

  • Brinjals are flowering, and the snow peas in the seeding trays (2-6 Jan blog) are all transplanted to the plots.
  • Sweet potatoes (purple and orange varieties) have been planted, by popular demands!

  • The fish emulsion fertiliser the OA farmers were making (19-24 Dec Blog) is almost ready!  The fish emulsion needs to be stirred manually every two weeks and it is looking good.
  • The OA just started on learning another new technical skill – using beneficial bacteria and effective microbes to combat diseases and as pest control.

The only dampener to the week is the ongoing irrigation problem. Manual watering is currently being used and a more permanent solution needs to be found.

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