There are eight Orang Asli farmers at the OA Organics farm.  Out of this, six are women – the backbone of the farm since its inception in November 2016.  These women juggle working on the farm and managing their family, but minus the modern gadgets we enjoy.  After a day of back-breaking work, six days a week, they still need to cook and wash heaps of clothes manually.  Women power!



Even as most of us celebrated Mothers’ Day on 14 May 2017, let us now feature these six women farmers who are all mothers (and some are grandmothers), except for one.  

IBU MASENAH, 63, is the oldest but the most hardworking. She is the livewire of the farm who always loves a good laugh and who never fails to make others laugh.

IBU ALUS, 62, is pleasant and a hard worker. She is shy, but this never stops her from asking questions to learn more, particularly on quality control.

IBU BERIAH, 61, is a reliable person with a quiet demeanour. But once she gets to know you, you’ll get to enjoy her jokes and cheeky sarcasm.

ROGAYAH, 46, is quiet and shy but her passion for the farm is loudly seen in her diligence. She’s the expert on local vegetables and fruits, and how to cook or eat them.

NOR, 36, is a lady to watch out for – responsible, diligent, quick learner and willing worker. Over the year, she has shown admirable problem-solving skills. She is in the farm committee, together with her equally reliable husband, Zariu.

NAZIRA, 20, is the most literate among the rest. She is shy on the onset but is chatty once she knows you. She is ever willing to learn and takes pride in her responsibilities. She and her husband Bern, are members of the farm committee. 



The older women are grateful they can still earn a sustainable income and they cannot see themselves doing anything else! They seldom shirk even physically tough work, but the farm committee has now re-organised duties and assigned them less taxing ones. May they continue to stay strong!

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