The month of April brought the Orang Asli farmers new team members as well as an opportunity to learn beyond their farm.
Let’s say hello to three new joiners – Maslinda, Asanah and Efarinda who are in their early 20s. Prior to this, they were earning RM300 – RM500 from oil palms and a fading forest and struggling to feed and raise their children; their husbands depend on odd-jobs to make ends meet. These three young women see the farm as a sustainable means of regular income, and hope to venture into farming as the way forward.

On 16-18 April, five of the OA farmers attended training at a 6-acre mixed vegetable organic farm in Ulu Yam. It was an insightful training for them. They asked many questions, and went out early to learn as much as they could! Below sums up some of their takeaways:

  • Now I know how to do seedlings to ensure better success rate.
  • I learned how to make enriched compost.
  • The hands-on methods help me understand organic farming better!

The OA farmers went back to Ulu Gumum feeling more motivated and confident they could make a good living from the farm. You could see in their steps they were inspired!

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