June was an eventful month of gains for the farmers at OA Organics. 

Firstly, it was a month of personal triumph as the farmers surpassed the RM800 income mark!  In March, a compost specialist identified that the soil at the farm possibly comprised 60% sand which could not retain nutrients for the plants. With this, the farmers began to restructure the soil phase by phase. 

All the hard work and sweat paid off.  From April, vegetable yield began to increase and in June, vegetable production hit an all-time high of almost 600kg! This enabled the farmers to earn between RM1,200 – RM1,500 that month. And these figures are the outcome of using only 20% of the new technology implemented. 

After many disheartening months, the farmers finally gained from the fruits of their labour.  They are now very spirited to further improve and adopt more new technology, and are confident they will be bringing home a higher monthly income.


Secondly, in June, the farm made progress with the development of UG2 – a second farm project at the village.  A rain shelter was built to provide cover for the vegetables in UG2.  And being built are a compost shed for making organic fertiliser, a vegetable processing shed and a nursery.  

Here’s a taste of virtual reality, being on the ground:





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