We see growing leadership amongst the orang asli farmers at Kg Ulu Gumum. Not only are they sharing their vision with the larger OA community – with Kg Melai, specifically – they are also mentoring those who wish to replicate the current farm model.

In May 2019 when Zariu and Nor were invited by the Kg Melai folks to share their farming experience, we saw leadership in action! They confidently answered many questions; they were like veterans at work, sharing their acquired valuable skills to help others.

Ibu Masenah was the star educator! She took it upon herself to teach and demonstrate to the Kg Melai budding farmers the farm processes. And she sent them home with some seeds to kickstart their farming journey.

Five months on, the Kg Melai’s farmers have made many regular visits to the Kg Ulu Gumum’s farm for coaching, and have experimented with growing their own small plots. They have now successfully grown and harvested their crops.

The produce from the Kg Melai farmers have added to the supply of vegetables sold at Jaya Grocer. Jaya Grocer has opened new outlets for OA Organics, growing our markets to eight outlets currently.

Farm production for OA Organics has grown and the Kg Melai farmers are ready to expand fast. Excellent indeed that this new farm is growing organically, with the OA leading the way. Orang Asli Boleh!

Yanto overlooking UG1

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