We started the week  worried that vegetable sales would be poor as many buyers closed their kitchen for Chinese New Year.  But it turned out to be a week of many blessings!

Blessing One:   A number of people generously bought RM150-RM200 farm produce to share with relatives/friends or charity homes.  This was a response to an appeal on the OA Organics Facebook page to help make it possible for the farmers to take home an income of RM800 in January.  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/524819924374691/)

Some supporters requested for their purchases to be given to some poor Orang Asli villages near the farm.  Our farmers were certainly happy to distribute the organically grown vegetables to their neighbours.

Blessing Two:    We witnessed OA empowerment in action! Zira, one of the woman farmers, was seen teaching Alissa (a farm helper) how to pack vegetables from the order list. This is Orang Asli empowering another Orang Asli! Enjoy the short video clip and know that your support is a long term investment for the Orang Asli: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524819924374691/permalink/603601653163184/


Blessing Three:    The needed pipes and fittings for the two greenhouses finally arrived.  The farmers, though nervous to learn another set of new skills, quickly got right into it! The men learned how to set up the “A” frames for the greenhouses while the women learned the system of seeding in greenhouse.



Blessing Four:     A generous donor stepped in to solve a long-standing problem at the farm i.e. the lack of reliable and consistent water source.  The farmers were thrilled and grateful to see two tube wells dug and completed within the week for them!

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