The Orang Asli farmers worked throughout the Chinese New Year holidays while the rest of us enjoyed the break.  But it was a week of “ups” for the farmers.

It was a week we witnessed ownership and leadership! The farmers collectively decided they would skip the CNY break to catch up with the piling work at the farm. They displayed skills in task delegation, and showed responsibility and accountability as a group. And they worked really hard to get the farm back on track.

Bern, for example, who is generally more reserved is a like a different person to us this week! He clearly owned his new role as the one in charge of fertilisation and pest control. And on his own initiative, he coached the women farmers how to carry out fertilisation.

It was also a week we experienced group cohesion!  Group interpersonal communication skills were new to the OA farmers over a year ago when the farm started. This week, we were pleased to observe a cohesive bond among them. The atmosphere at the farm was much more open, and the farmers seem at ease communicating and negotiating on work matters.

And it was also a week we noted improvement at the farm all round. Sweet corns, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, long beans, brinjals, okra and many more are heading towards being harvested!  And with the fittings on the two greenhouses being worked on daily by the men, we expect this to be completed in a couple of weeks.  With that, there will be leafy vegetables on the way!

2 thoughts on “Things are Looking Up! (30 Jan – 4 Feb 2017)

  1. I have been following the OA project with great interest. It is so pleasing to see the progress made so far and that the OA people are now learning new skills to cultivate their crops. And that they have ownership of the project.


    1. Thank you for your support! We are so proud by the progress made by this group of lowly educated if not illiterate Orang Asli. Organic farming is actually very tough. They have done very well so far, against all odds!

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