It was a week of high gears! The OA farmers stepped up on the gears to charge, more confidently, towards planting vegetables in the two greenhouses built by Gamuda.

The women farmers were very busy with the groundwork of seeding and germinating leafy greens. The process is tedious and time consuming,  but the women appear to have developed a more efficient system of germinating seeds. They now enjoy 80-90% germination rates!

The women also stepped up on pest control, which used to be a weak skill.  They were noticeably more vigilant in minimising pests which resulted in healthier current crops of pumpkins, bitter gourds, sweet potatoes, corns, and greens.

The male farmers spent long hours working on completing greenhouse number 1.  This week the frames were set up and holes drilled in the pipes.  Kudos to Bern and Zariu for scoring A+ in learning and mastering how to go about this. They also deserve an A++ for working hard and long to get the job done as scheduled!


Aren’t you impressed with what our farmers have achieved?  We believe Gamuda will feel proud when they see what the farmers have done with the greenhouses!

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