It was a week of final touches!

After a couple of months of fitting up Greenhouse 1 built by Gamuda, the week saw final touches to the greenhouse – installing ventilator, tightening piping and fittings, fixing leaks and completing test run. Hooray! The greenhouse plants can now be transplanted from the nursery into the greenhouse! With this, OA Organics welcomes a new phase of farming….

For the women,  it was also a week of  putting in the final touches as they await the harvesting of pumpkins and bitter gourds.  Instead of waiting for the men who were very busy with the greenhouse, they took the initiative to get woods to temporarily stake up trellises that were sagging from the weight of the pumpkins and bitter gourds. Hooray! One more step forward for the ladies!

The week ended in a seeding frenzy for the OA farmers, having learned the precious lesson of needing to ensure continuous harvest.  And they are now all set to wait for the day when they harvest corns, pumpkins, bitter gourds, brinjals and some new variety of vegetables!

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