An exciting week of countdown it was at the farm!

The greenhouse is up and running!  The OA farmers are deeply satisfied and excited to see the fruit of their laborious work. Just look at the rows of greens!!!  Are you counting the days to having more variety of leafy vegetables?


Leading the way to a much anticipated harvesting was the rain which provided a respite to some irrigation problems at the farm. However, it also meant a week of consistent pruning of plants to deter diseases from spreading.

The growing pumpkins and bitter gourds also brought with them “weighty” problem for the trellis. But the farmers were quite happy to strengthen the trellis as they  beamed with pride by the sight of their pumpkins and bitter gourds.

Let’s take a peek at what we will be getting from the farm soon!  The white radishes and kale have finally made an appearance! And the countdown begins – the harvesting of corns, bitter gourds and pumpkins in the coming week!

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