We are sowing, investing and partnering in the dream of the Orang Asli to be self-sustaining professional farmers.  18 months since this community farm started, our newbies are gaining grounds.

Harvest is on the increase – from 55kgs on Monday to 75kgs on Wednesday and to 90kgs on Friday! These are the total yield from okra, pumpkins, bitter gourds, long beans, sweet potato leaves, four angle beans, sweet corns, etc. The first batch of the greenhouse leafy vegetables will be harvested in the coming week!

The Orang Asli farmers’ confidence increases this past week in tandem with the increase in harvest! We see hope in their eyes and happiness on their faces. They certainly appear to be walking taller too.

Skills in multi-tasking and planning ahead are developing with greater efficacy. The farmers could now, with some coaching, balance plant care, vegetable fruit care, pest control and future crop planning.  This is a laudable achievement as pre-planning of future crop planting schedules is not easy. Great to see them connecting continuity in planting and harvesting with maximization of production!

The farmers also continue to problem-solve issues with irrigation at the farm, a constant source of their worries. Tubes and fittings are being assembled for a new drip irrigation system. Hopefully, they will make headway with the irrigation system.

On a side note, the wild boars are gaining grounds too! They went for the sweet potatoes a couple of months ago, and they gunned down our yummy sweet corns. They skilfully broke through the fencing and feasted on 10-15 corn plants! Netting is repaired and a night guard is now on duty on the farm.

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