It was a week of new realms.


Our Orang Asli farmers hosted two young indigenous Penan men from Sarawak for five days. The two young men were eager to learn our organic farming concept and methods for they wish to be trainers in the future to empower their fellow natives to be professional farmers with sustainable income.  Errol, our organic consultant, was there to coach the Penan visitors.  The OA farmers were happy too to share their knowledge and experiences. You could see they love the idea of being possible catalyst of natural farming!

It was also a week the farm saw new types of fruit and root vegetables. The farmers were ecstatic to harvest new sweet mini pumpkins and daikon (white radish).  And they are certainly looking forward to harvesting new leafy vegetables from the greenhouse, and fruits such as sour sops and bananas, just to name a few, in the coming weeks!

So, look out for our tri-weekly announcements at or check out directly from Fruits are seasonal and usually limited in quantity.

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