OA Organics is People-oriented and Planet-friendly.

People-oriented – the consumers, the farmers

OA Organics believes in eating healthily and strives to make farm produce affordable for all, through direct purchase from the farm.  We aim to provide buyers:

  • Choices – you choose what you like to buy from the available range, and which day and place to get your orders. Order online at http://oaorganics.my
  • Fresh produce – vegetables are harvested Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and you get your orders the following day.
  • Variety – you get to experience seasonal vegetables and fruits, and local asli produce not typically found in urban markets.

The Orang Asli farmers’ development is also very important.  We sow into their dreams to be skilled farmers with a sustainable income to improve their livelihoods.  The farmers are provided with training in technical knowledge, farm management, business development, and communication skills to articulate their thoughts and feelings.

We journey with them, celebrate their success and cheer them on when they fail. Contact us if you wish to volunteer with OA Organics and invest in the farmers’ dream and hope.

Planet-friendly – natural farming method, no harmful chemical

OA Organics believes in conserving the planet.  Natural farming method is used and harmful chemical is a NO, NO. Check out our earlier blogs to find out more.

With the harvesting of leafy vegetables from our greenhouse, we received questions on the system being employed. We use a customised Organoponics system in the greenhouse, the first of its known kind in Malaysia, in line with our belief in natural farming method with zero harmful chemicals.

What is Organoponics?

Our Organoponics method is different from the conventional hydroponics method. Hydroponics, by definition, grows plants without soil and uses mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.  But, common practices involve using inorganic synthetic fertilisers.

Our greenhouse organoponics method is basically a hydroponics culture system based on organic agriculture concepts.  Simply put, instead of using inorganic synthetic fertlilisers, nature-derived all-natural liquid fertilizers (e.g. fish emulsions) are used as inputs.

So rest assured that OA Organics is committed to growing vegetables organically in a way that is good for both the consumers and the planet.

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