Exciting news at the farm this week and ahead!

The orang asli farmers harvested the first batch of leafy vegetables planted in the greenhouse built by Gamuda Berhad! There were green Pak Choy and Choy Sum in that batch. They are beaming with pride for successfully growing leafy greens in their greenhouse!

The lady farmers especially enjoyed the harvesting experience.  They said it was like going shopping in the greenhouse to pick vegetables for sale!

For those who love brinjals and petola, expect them your way soon! Harvesting of brinjals has begun, and petolas are starting to fruit.  With these, we now will have more varieties from the farm.

For those who are adventurous vegetable eaters, the OA farmers want to take us on a journey of enjoying their everyday vegetables either foraged from the jungle or grown in their village.  You will now occasionally see in the list of vegetable on sales items such as young fresh bamboo shoots, ulam raja, umbut pokok bayas and pucuk paku, just to name a few.  So, do keep an eye out for these!

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