It was an exciting weekend both at the farm and the village.

Gamuda Berhad, with a volunteer force of 30 staff members came to build another greenhouse for the farm. This greenhouse, measuring 50′ x 24′ is an improved version of the earlier two units.  The new greenhouse is a tremendous boost to the farm as it can hold 6,000 plants.


Terima Kasih, Gamuda for your dedicated team who worked very hard to build the greenhouse just over one weekend! The Orang Asli farmers are so grateful that a big company like Gamuda travels 4 hours from Petaling Jaya to help them realise their dream to be sustainable farmers. (Read about the earlier two units of greenhouse built: 



The village was also bustling with excitement and happiness because the son of Ghafar and Idah, Sofie, got married.  Ghafar and Idah, though not part of the farming team, are very supportive of the farm.  Many volunteers to the farm have tasted Idah’s delicious home-cooked food.

There was so much festivity as the villagers celebrated the wedding with a kenduri and shared the joy of the bride and groom and their parents.  Tahniah!


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