In the last few months, we witness the development of new mini farms in Kg Ulu Gumum!

Being inspired by the success of the OA Organic farmers, a few orang asli in the village took the initiative to develop their own farms, using their own resources. Zariu and Burn, our farmers, have been coaching these wannabe farmers the know-how’s of organic farming.  

Let’s take a ‘tour’ of the mini farms which have sprung up in the village:

(1) Pak Kuyu and Karim’s joint venture (see our July post) – the okra, Brazilian spinach, choy sum and sweet potato leaves they planted are already being harvested. Their success has sparked other villagers to, literally, put their hands to the plow!

(2) Mother-and-son team, Asma and Yanto – Asma and Yanto, as well as Efarinda (Yanto’s wife) were the next to start their own farm. In September, they earned RM700 from their farm produce!

(3) The ‘Wan’ women – Wan, her mom and Wan’s sister are the latest to have started developing their plot of land.

These self-funded mini farms are an indicator that the Orang Asli at Kg Ulu Gumum are surely taking ownership of their own development and are becoming independent.

  • The new farmers did not ask for subsidies – they only asked to be taught organic farming methods, and for help in marketing their produce at fair trade prices. 
  • They are motivated and are self-managing their time and work disciplines.

Indeed, the community farm is taking on a life of its own and growing organically. HOPE is now a tangible reality and they can start to grow their dreams.  

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