Behind the OA Organics farm produce you see at three Jaya Grocer outlets, two Ps continue to enhance this process of building sustainable livelihoods for the farmers: Planet-friendly and People-centred.


Planet Friendly

To protect the environment, the young Orang Asli are being educated to stay connected to the forest.  Two Sundays ago, a group of the Kg Ulu Gumum children made a trip to the forest.  They were guided to pick up their parents’ forest skills that are becoming lost due to the destruction of the forest surrounding the village.

The children had fun learning to collect leaves and then making plates and bowls using the indigenous method.


Life-skill modules are being run regularly to help the Orang Asli farmers adapt to the fast-changing impact of modernisation that is slowly fragmenting the community.  

Two on-going modules for the farmers:

  • conflict resolution – the Orang Asli are not used to sustained team work, and they tend to avoid conflicts without resolving them,
  • financial planning – most Orang Asli do not have saving plans.

*OA Organics farm produce are sold at the Jaya Grocers outlets at PJ Starling Mall, USJ Main Place Mall and Kuantan City Mall.

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