We are looking for

passionate individuals

who have a heart for poor communities,
expertise to offer in empowerment
or humility to learn

You could be part of a social movement: Transforming society’s way of doing business and empowering poor communities along the way.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Capacity Building

Community Mobilisation

Cultural Preservation

Environmental Conservation

Holistic Transformation

We seek more than increased incomes for households. We have a bigger vision: Building individual capacities and mobilizing communities, whilst aligning with their culture and values.


As a team, we prioritise being people-focused as we work with communities. We also employ the same approach internally, valuing individual strengths and covering each other’s backs.
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    Thank you for your interest!

    Unfortunately, there are no vacancies right now.

Job Application

If you have a heart for community development or a passion to transform societal perceptions of doing business, and would love to join our team, you may submit a detailed resume stating qualifications, experience, preferably with a passport-sized colored photograph of you on your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume.

We will add you to our resource list, and contact you if a suitable position or role opens up.