Volunteer Opportunities

(A) Farming Assistance

Undertake to learn organic farming from an Orang Asli (indigenous peoples) farmer, shadowing and following instructions as directed. Activities include but are not limited to weeding, harvesting, planting, transplanting, watering, applying compost, compost tea, organic fertiliser and bio-pesticide.
Volunteer your energy with us in exchange for free board and accommodation. Experience OA kampung and farming life all in one! Clean air, healthy food and OA culture.

(B) Community Development Assistance

Journey with Orang Asli communities in building sustainable livelihoods, empowering individuals and the community, and restoring dignity and hope to the Orang Asli.
Preferably possessing previous community development working experience, if possible with indigenous communities either in Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia.

(C) Office Assistance

Provide administrative or other office-related support, including but not limited to data entry, copywriting, record-keeping, research and procurement, as needed.

(D) Marketing Assistance

Making regular rounds of commercial supermarket outlets housing our ‘OA Organik’ brand label to keep track of sales and wastage, customer profile and preferences, and where necessary, doing a bit of trimming and repacking (merchandising duties).
Alternatively, providing remote support including but not limited to marketing analysis, market research or survey.

(E) Business Development Assistance

Experienced in running or developing a sustainable business to provide insight, guidance or coaching, as needed.

Volunteers must be:

  • a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • agreeable to a virtual, phone and/or face-to-face interview.

Application Process

Before you begin the application, please be sure to gather the following information:

  • employment and volunteer history (if any).
  • experience in areas related to the volunteering opportunity being applied for (if any).

If your application is selected, our staff will contact you to carry out an interview and a background check. Potential volunteers will also need to fill up additional paperwork (e.g., volunteer agreement form).

Upon completion, a committed candidate can be admitted fully into the organisation as a regular volunteer.

These terms and conditions were last updated in October 2021.